Sunday, April 24, 2011

Niña Chupando Polla


Moorish Chronicles is a work of 400 pages divided into two parts:

1 ª The arrival of the Arabs and the occupation of Spain.

2 ª La Reconquista from Cantabria to the taking of Granada.

With this book I have been a big disappointment. I hoped to increase the limited knowledge I have about the origins of the English nation, and what I've learned is that the history of Spain that tells Irving, like many researchers of the Middle Ages, is based on ancient texts written by monks and Catholic bishops whose goals, rather than testify to the fact, were to spread their religious faith to spare no effort.

This did not hesitate, when log events, to imagine miracles and supernatural events that instill in the people, poor and illiterate, the idea that God was with the Christian kings. So, shamelessly proclaimed in the pulpits of churches and stopped writing for posterity events that are an insult to human intelligence.

Because who can believe that in a battle in which the Moorish army three times the number of soldiers to the Christian king, and when he is about to be defeated "Heaven is opened and the Apostle Santiago appears with his sword and cut his head thousands of infidels defeating the Moorish king, who runs away at full speed toward his castle "?

divine interventions as that displayed by the dozens in the book, supported by notes in a footnote indicating the source investigated. Or this: a gentleman Christian enters into a chapel minutes before entering the battle for help to Christ. Without realizing it goes into ecstasy over time and praying he stays there, and when it leaves the chapel the battle is over. The gentleman is concerned, afraid of being called a coward and accuse you of having hidden to avoid the fight. Lo and behold, instead cheer and congratulate him for his bravery.

The gentleman is more bewildered than I read that page, but the monk tells the story makes it clear what happened:

"While the knight kneeling before the altar praying, God sent an angel, who dressed like his armor and riding on a horse identical to yours, is rolled to give espadazo right and left, almost decapitating the whole Moorish army. The angel received several wounds in the chest, and his horse. And to convince those around him that he had been the protagonist Christian gentleman of heroic deeds, God made that while the gentleman listened to praise and received honors from King appeared on his chest wounds bleeding received by the angel, and his horse. "

On another occasion, when King Christian dusk was winning a battle and feared nightfall and could not kill the infidels. Then the King looked at the sky and asked God to please (So, like the one the officer asks a friend) to extend the day until just kill your enemy. And so it happened. "The sun stood at zenith until King Christian finished his task."


the friar known history of the Old Testament, then allí está escrita ( Josué capítulo 10: vesiculos 13 y 14), y sabiendo el resultado que produjo en los israelitas la aplicó a su rey logrando la sumisión y el fervor de todos los habitantes del reino, quienes veían en el soberano el representante de Dios.

El Rey agradecía estos detalles regalándoles a los frailes y obispos, quienes batallaban junto a él con sus propias huestes, la mitad de las tierras conquistadas con sus pueblos, castillos y palacios, cuyos habitantes pasaban a ser siervos de ellos.

De esta forma se originó la enorme riqueza y el inmenso poder que aún posee la Iglesia.

The positive of these fanciful Chronicles, is that they show in detail the cruel manner in which were the borders between provinces and communities today: the kings and nobles often out of their strengths to find food, wealth and maidens killing thousands of people using the sword, destroying and laying waste to entire towns and villages ahead with the cross as a banner and enslaving their inhabitants. The same strategy applied after the conquistadors in America.

No wonder, then, and I understand that since the Enlightenment, the peoples in the Iberian Peninsula were subjected to deception, the horror of Inquisition, the looting and the shedding of blood, ask to return to their roots and the restitution of their lands, their freedom and independence.


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